XPSLogic PHP JS Python Linux

Did several frontend and backend projects at XPSLogic BV, including creating a frontend tool for creating and editing invoices; a machine learning driven tool for automatic extraction of information from invoices (regardless of the invoice layout); and maintenence/migration of GNU/Linux servers.

Borges Python Django Reactjs

Created an API for the AMVision project at Borges. The AMVision project created a machine which uses deep learning algorithms to uniquely identify 3D-printed objects from batches containing hundreds of objects. The API I created was used for controlling this machine, and for external communication.


Finding occluded animals from an aerial point of view AI Python C++

For my Bachelor thesis, I did research on using aerial images which were taken with drones, to track animals. I made use of several computer vision object detection techniques, including Faster R-CNN [1], YOLO [2], and SSD [3].

[1] Ren, Shaoqing, et al. "Faster r-cnn: Towards real-time object detection with region proposal networks." Advances in neural information processing systems. 2015.

[2] Redmon, Joseph, et al. "You only look once: Unified, real-time object detection." Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern recognition. 2016.

[3] Liu, Wei, et al. "Ssd: Single shot multibox detector." European conference on computer vision. Springer, Cham, 2016.